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See How We Lowered This Supermarket’s Energy Bill By 26%

A long time RK Energy Group client, a supermarket owner in NJ and NY, has experienced high electricity bills that have undercut their profit margins and prevented them from reducing prices to competitive levels. The supermarket owner began looking for ways to manage and reduce their energy bill to help them save money, while also allowing them to become a low energy supermarket.

Supermarkets and Energy Demands

Grocery store margins are typically stable, food being a commodity that doesn’t succumb to sharp rises and falls amid alterations in consumer demand. However, while grocery store margins average a consistent bottom line, energy costs do not always stay consistent, and this can cause economic difficulty during particularly expensive quarters for paying energy costs.

RK Energy was able to help this client reduce their energy costs from 9.79 cents per kWh to 7.25 cents per kWh, lowering their electricity rate by 26%. While this may not sound like a significant difference, it has made a huge impact on overall energy costs, reducing annual costs by approximately $11,200 per year.

The owner of this supermarket has been a client of RK Energy for 6-7 years, owns several supermarkets in the New York and New Jersey area, and is a member of the National Supermarket Association. RK Energy has worked with the National Supermarket Association for more than 10 years now and has provided many supermarkets across the country with support in managing energy costs. RK Energy works to provide members with improved financial stability by lowering energy bills and helps them to take advantage of a utility rebate program that helps manage their electricity and gas expenses. In the case of this supermarket, the financial benefits were profound. This supermarket owner found energy costs to be reduced by 26% after RK Energy stepped in and reduced their electricity rates.


Ultimately, this supermarket was able to benefit from several key changes to their energy costs, including:

  1. Switching from a variable rate to a fixed rate on cost per kWh.
  2. Key adjustments to energy-saving materials.
  3. Strategic energy adjustments based on consulting from RK Energy.


The demand for energy in supermarkets is not going to diminish. Supermarket owners need to take some level of control over their energy costs in order to better their bottom line. If you don’t know where to start, we invite you to contact RK Energy Group. As you read in this case study, it is possible to improve energy costs by over a quarter with their help.

Helping companies make simple adjustments that lead to major financial savings is what the experts at RK Energy Group do. For growing corporations, including supermarkets, working with a skilled energy advisor makes sense for your business, the environment, and your financial bottom line. This will provide you to do what you do best, focus on your business while saving money.