The Benefits of an Off-Site Energy Department

The Benefits of an Off-Site Energy Department

Off-site Energy

Is your company ready to form a dedicated energy department? If the answer is no, let RK Energy Group support your business as your off-site energy department. Aside from power outages, any power-related questions, issues, or billing queries can go straight to RK Energy for prompt assistance.

Off-site Energy

Stop telephone tag. End the cycle of spending too much time listening to music on the phone without a clear path to those who can carry out your best objectives. RK Energy Group’s experts can deal effectively with any energy-related matter, saving you time and frustration.

How to Get Lower Electric Rates

One of the first questions to delve into is whether your company’s electricity rate is the best available for your bottom line. If you are searching for a cheap electricity rate, we can point you to low rate energy companies that serve your business.

Most businesses can get better rates, but lack the extra time to scour sources (such as electric rates by state 2017, 2018, and beyond). RK Energy knows the price of electricity by state and city, making us your go-to experts. Learn about great deals on alternative energy that you’ll be pleased to find, and will likely want to keep. RK Energy Group has already vetted the options, and researched future pricing projections. This takes the element of experimentation out of the picture.

Continual Research Benefits the Bottom Line

Once you have an energy agreement that works well for your business, RK Energy keeps checking for new offers from the company you select. RK Energy also seeks ways your company can become a participant in various programs offered by local energy companies.

Thus, find opportunities for savings at the start; and hear of new opportunities too. RK Energy brings them to your attention through features such as the bi-annual energy review. This review puts extensive networks and experience to work, getting billing excesses rectified quickly, and bringing the savings and potential interest to your company. RK Energy handles negotiations for new contracts, both electric and gas. Cancellation of an existing account, including early termination when it works for your business, is handled efficiently.

The Power to Choose Alternative Energy Companies

RK Energy Group is a participant in the Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program. Commit your company to making decisions as environmentally sound as they are cost-efficient.

Off-site Energy


Does your business need a lighting upgrade? Does it need electrical equipment replacement? Can it use solar panels (as well as the attendant rebates and tax breaks)? What is off site renewable energy and how can it help your business? RK Energy can answer all of your questions, manage the projects, and make sure your company takes advantages of local, state, and federal benefits.

Continual Reviews of Your Firm’s Energy Costs

Because we’re focused on one aspect of your business only, we find ways for you to save, and opportunities to correct errors quickly. For example:

  • We review your company’s electric contract and compare the rates charged. If we find mismatches, we work with your energy company to reconcile the differences.
  • We review the terms of service offered by your firm’s energy company as well as the utility. We continually check for discrepancies between applicable usage records and rates.

Partnering With RK Energy Group Benefits Your Business

Having a off-site energy department means:

  • An energy representative for your business at all times.
  • Comparative analysis of applicable utility companies offers.
  • Opportunities to transform your company into a leader in sustainability.
  • Quick discovery and remediation of billing errors.
  • Electricity savings year after year.
  • Up-to-date knowledge on refunds, appropriate local energy programs, and when to change contracts.

Contact RK Energy to discuss how an off-site energy department can free up time, create new opportunities, and augment your bottom line.

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