Utility-Recommended Contractors & Wholesale Light Bulb and Fixture Distributors

Utility-Recommended Contractors & Wholesale Light Bulb and Fixture Distributors

Utility Contractors

RK Energy Group works closely with utility companies, lighting and fixture distributors, and contractors to help provide companies with the best energy services and lighting projects. The contractors that RK Energy uses for their projects are recommended by the utility companies that they work with, ensuring a quality job – every time.

What makes recommended contractors different? They have several important features that all businesses should know about before they enter into any long-term contracts for lighting products. Here’s a valuable utility contractor definition and several of the most important qualifications involved.

Utility Approval

These contractors have gone through an approval process with at least one utility company, such as Con Edison. Utility companies offer these programs to help prepare local contractors to meet more complex commercial lighting needs. Since utility companies are well positioned to understand these unique needs, this type of approval can be very useful to contractors – and a useful sign for customers with lighting needs. These contractors are more like to do quality work and use trustworthy equipment.

You should be able to consult with local utility companies and find lists of approved businesses that they work with or that have completed their program. This also offers benefits to many companies beyond contractors: RK Energy, for example, has been approved by Con Edison.

Additional Training

Utility Contractors

Recommended contractors have been through additional training to help them analyze lighting and suggest the best products for your individual situation, as well as knowing the most price effective place to buy light bulbs. It can be very helpful for businesses to discuss their lighting options and energy goals with a contractor before settling on a purchase. Recommended contractors are particularly well suited to help customers find the solutions that will work best for their business.

Many recommendations also require attending more training sessions as time passes. This helps contractors keep up with the latest commercial lighting solutions and energy saving ideas. For example, a recommended contractor may be better equipped to discuss smart lighting and programmed lighting, and if your business should consider purchasing smart bulbs based on the current technology and where the industry is heading.

Contacts with Lighting Manufacturers

Utility Contractors

These utility contractors and distributors are likely to work directly with lightning manufacturers when buying bulbs, fixtures, and other lighting products. That means they purchase wholesale LED light bulbs and similar products at a discount, and can pass some of that discounted rate onto you. Overall costs will depend on the range of services and products that you decide on, but recommended contractors can offer you better deals, especially when it comes to bulk purchases.

This is also true of other contacts throughout the industry. The recommendation process can make it easier to meet other contractors, which means these companies may be able to recommend other services or find a qualified business for additional work that the contractor may not be able to complete on their own. This adds up to faster work and cheap electricity, or possibility a better electricity rate than your old one.

Warranties and Guarantees

Recommended utility construction contractors are also able to offer guarantees for work and warranties that cover the products they install. This can add an extra level of insurance when deciding on your lighting project, and may make it easier to upgrade your lighting fixtures or bulbs with confidence. When choosing a company to work with for your lighting upgrades, it is important to keep in mind:

  • Recommended companies have utility approval that is typically a sign of quality work
  • These companies attend training that make them more adept at answering questions and finding lighting solutions
  • Recommended contractors have contacts that can help reduce costs, provide LED light bulbs wholesale price benefits, and can show you how to get lower electric rates.
  • These companies are also more likely to offer their own guarantees and warranties

Looking for more information on recommended companies and the benefits they can provide? Contact RK Energy Group to learn more about these contractors, and related services that can help with your lighting solutions directly from the experts!

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